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Who We Are

Safe Sanctuary Living LTD, is owned by the Younas Family who have a very successful and reputable adult social care brand- National Care Consortium (NCC). Having done this type of support for a number of years, the business felt it necessary to branch out into providing care to those with a learning disability, Autism and other associated complex needs.

What We Do

Safe Sanctuary Living Ltd, provides community supported living for people living with a Learning Disability, Autism and associated complex needs who may have behaviours that challenge.  Our aim is to deliver outcome-focused services which are responsive to local needs and national service requirements.

We promote independence through the provision of intensive care and support for people whose characteristics and behaviours require understanding, robust risk management, structure and familiarity to enable engagement and integration into their communities by skilled staff.  We support these individuals to achieve a good quality of life and well-being in sustainable homes leading to positive outcomes.

‘The CCG are keen to support the registration of Safe Sanctuary Living to further increase the choice and supply of specialist placements in line with our transforming care programme. There is further opportunity to work with Safe Sanctuary Living about developing proposed flats to offer a step down approach which would fit in with the identified demand.'


‘The MD has been a key link with other providers and an extremely collegiate source of support across the sector in sharing good practice, particularly during COVID-19. The company Director is proactive in keeping abreast of current practice and developing services in line with this.’

‘I found […] to be incredibly experienced and our due diligence showed that they indeed had the appropriate record of accomplishment that we were seeking in a provider. They were able to provide first class references from similar organisations as ourselves and provide evidence to back up their claims of providing quality services.’

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